Saturday, February 1, 2014

Bare-bones Blogging: Belladone Dress

Belladone Dress by Deer and Doe
(more wedding photos)

Fabric: silk twill from The Fabric Store
Alterations: The original pattern has an upper and lower bodice back piece. I merged the two pieces. 
Fully lined in lemon silk/cotton.

My sister Emily asked me to help her sew a dress for my youngest sister's wedding. To date, I'd have to say this dress is my proudest sewing achievement. I am fortunate enough to have a sewing teacher help me fit a toile on most of the garments I make for myself. I get to stand there, in front of a mirror, dressed in all my calico glory, while she tweaks away getting the perfect fit. She talks me through the process and I watch on. When it came to fitting this toile on my sister, my sewing teacher was 3000km away. It was all up to me. To my surprise and delight, I was able to draw on the skills I learned from all those years of watching and listening. Believe me, we had to make a lot of significant alterations. (There's some strange things going on with that pattern) I reckon I nailed it!

The best close-up I have of the bodice. 
My sister and my Mum - don't they look beautiful!

Bodice back - Cut out diamond

Katherine, Mum, Me and Emily 
(all in handmade garments)

Sarah, the beautiful bride.

I think she likes the dress (or maybe it's the champagne)


  1. Holy smoke, you are on a roll. Great job. How wonderful to have the sewing teacher to help you with your clothing and it's great to see that you have really absorbed all that expertise.

  2. You girls all look the same! Love your sister's dress.

  3. Oh wow, how many sisters are there? :) I love the fabric you (or your sister) chose for this dress. The yellow and green is really nice. Great job! You get some definite good sewing karma for this one.

  4. Oh, I am LOVING these wedding photos! Great job on your sister's dress, and actually you all look superb! Can I be the secret fifth sister?