Saturday, October 13, 2012

Vogue 1315 in Marc Jacob Knit

Vogue 1315

I made this skirt sometime last month and had not yet gotten around to blogging about it. I wore it to soccer this morning, so took the opportunity for my husband to snap a few photos. It's made from quite a heavy Marc Jacobs knit purchased last year from The Fabric Store. 

This is the bottom half (kinda) of one of the new Summer Vogues designed by Rebecca Taylor, shown below. I must admit there is very little I actually like about this dress. I think the overall shape and style of the dress is really quite bland. It's more than boring though. The model doesn't even look particularly at ease wearing it. I can't quite pinpoint the problem, but I think the proportions are all out. Maybe it's all in the length of the bodice.  Hmmmmm?  And don't get me started on the fabric choice. What a drainer!  Let's face, if the model can't rock it, then who can? 


That said, it did tick a few boxes for me. I was specifically looking for a knit skirt pattern with  floppy pockets. I think this one does the pockets really well. The construction of the pockets are really quite tricky, involving a few weird and wonderful techniques all of which result in exactly the kind of pocket I was looking for. If you study the line drawing below you'll see it combines unusually placed darts and pleats to achieve the look. 


I actually cut out a size 22 in this skirt pattern as I wanted a significantly fuller skirt than that shown in the photo. When attaching the yoke I distributed most of the fullness on my CB and CF. This did result in the pockets being less floppy, however I didn't want anymore 'bulk' added to my already wide hips.  The yoke is 9cm wide and has been threaded with wide elastic. 

Sorry, I didn't realise the skirt was twisted when taking the photos. They are actually reasonably symmetrical. 

 Back view

Side view

 I'm actually extremely pleased with this skirt. It is so incredibly comfortable to wear and falls perfectly into the 'wash and wear' category.  I've been wanting to wear knit skirts for many years but have been a little scared of just how unforgiving many of them can be at concealing lumps and bumps. This one does a pretty fine job of it which is awesome (not as good as a woven of course, but not too bad)!


  1. I really like it! If I had one I think I'd be wearing it all the time.

  2. For some reason the Vogue pics are not showing on my screen so I had to Google up the pattern. Your comments on it are hilarious, and spot on! And why go to all that effort with the interesting pockets and just have what looks like a very ordinary (and visible) elastic waist? Hmm.
    Anyhow I just love what you've made of it. It actually looks a bit like a denim skirt. I would just be in love with those pockets and use them so much. And that's a really flattering length on you.

  3. Your version looks a lot more fun and funky than the one on the pattern envelope. I love the colour too!

  4. A casual, denim skirt is always useful. I like how this one isn't tight and straight. So much more comfortable to wear!

  5. Looks very comfy and wearable - with a few nice design changes to suit you. Well done...

  6. Love the skirt, and imagine the pockets come in handy with young kids.

  7. This looks so comfortable and cool (love the colour and pockets) - exactly the sort of skirt that will get a lot of wear!