Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Sisterly Sew-a-long: Pleated Shorts

Papercut Patterns - Pleated Shorts 1007

Bernice: worn with Vogue 1247 blogged here
Katherine: worn with cowl-necked top blogged here

A few weeks ago I travelled down to Townsville to spend some quality (sewing) time with my sister Katherine of Bloom's Fabric Obsession before she moves away from North Queensland. Katherine and I have lived within a five hour drive of each other for about the past 15 years. This may still seem like quite a distance, but compared to our other siblings and family, it's a mere hop, skip and jump. Five hours is still close enough to catch up on long weekends and school holidays. Anyway, she's about to move to Gove...go on look it up...did you look it up?...I know!...sniff, sniff.

She suggested that we do a sew-a-long while I was there. During this year, she has purchased quite a few Papercut Patterns and was keen to give the 1007 Pleated Shorts a whirl. By coincidence, we both had a length of blue Karen Walker denim purchased from The Fabric Store in Brisbane. We used blue topstitching thread where required.

We each began by making up a toile. We both found that the sizes ran quite big. I cut a M-L but ended up removing 1.5 cm from each side seam (6 cm in total). I also found that the pants sat quite high creating a frumpy and unflattering silhouette on my shape. I decided to keep the depth of the waistband, but removed fabric from the top of the shorts. The photo below shows the unaltered paper pattern of a M-L. The orange line shows the top of my shorts, seam allowances included. 

Angled view

As you can see from these photos, there appears to be a bit of pooling at the CF. I did remove some fabric from this area. The fabric we used was quite stiff. This has settled down now the shorts have had a few washes. I think I will still remove some fabric from this area on my next pair.


From memory, I lengthened my shorts by about five centimetres. I also created a deeper hem. Given this, they may be about 2 centimetres longer than the original design.


Overall, I am quite happy with these shorts. They're comfortable and coordinate well with a range of tops I already own which makes them all the more wearable. I'll definitely give this pattern another go.

Check out Katherine's pleated shorts here!


  1. They look nice. I like the wide waistband. And I love the sister picture!

  2. Sounds like a great day. Just had a look as to where Gove is. I wonder if there are any fabric shops there.

  3. They are very cute shorts. Gove, wow, it is a good thing there is the internet and Skype.

  4. I looked it up. Gove! OMG! Nice shorts too. Like Kbenco says, there's always Skype. One of my sisters is in Toronto - Canada! Only 24 hours by plane!

  5. I looked it up too - had no idea where Gove is. I think the shorts look great and they'll be perfect for summer (although you could probably wear them in winter too).

  6. You could be sisters! hehehe... ;) The adjustments you made make for a very cute pair of shorts. I love that wide waistband. They look terrific with that lovely Vogue top.

  7. Gove! That is the end of the earth. The notion of sewing sisters gives me a wish that my daughters will take up needles together. I only hope I live to see the day.

  8. You are sisters!!!!!! I see it now! Nice shorts. It is so hard to get decent fitting shorts. More so than pants in my opinion!