Sunday, June 24, 2012

Nicole Mallalieu Panel Bag

Panel Bag

Another bag made from scraps! Another near-freebie! Yay! Oh how I love to use up leftovers to create something new, groovy and functional. Anyone who has made bags would know that they're quite expensive to make from scratch...I feel like I'm beating the system.

This bag was made using the Nicole Mallalieu's Panel Bag pattern that I borrowed from my younger sister Emily. It's called a panel bag as it has a panel of feature fabric of either side. The panel on this one is made using leftover scraps of Liberty fabric. The denim was leftover from my recent Burda pants. 

I did have to include a few joins in the fabric in some places (seriously, some of the scraps were quite scrappy) but these should really go unnoticed. As you can see from the photo above, there is a join in the top piece. This in only on one side.

I lined the main part of the bag in some quilting cotton leftover from something. The top piece of the lining would also have looked better in denim rather than the Liberty, however I just didn't have enough fabric. There are a bunch of flat pockets one one side and a large zippered pocket on the other side. The rings on the handles and the magnetic closure were taken from a bag I bought at the op-shop for $2. 

I'm yet to use the bag, but am confident it will be a good one. It seems like the perfect 'mum' bag - roomy enough to throw in drink bottles, snacks, hats, sunscreen, matchbox cars....and on and on it goes.


  1. You would never guess this bag was made from scraps. It looks perfectly coordinated! Beautiful job!

  2. Love it. Perfect for carrying stuff for the kids. I need something like that for work I think.

  3. Great bag! When I was looking at the pictures, before I read your words, I was actually admiring the seam in the top panel, thinking that it was a very attractive design feature. I'm convinced our best work comes from overcoming limitations...I usually end up liking my scrap projects better than the original items, I think because the scraps force more creativity.

    I like to harvest rings and things from op shop bags, but I think somebody in my neighbourhood has been beating me to it this last few months, as every time I go to the op shop, there are no bags with hardware.

    The denim makes it so easy to coordinate with lots of outfits.

    PS I like your bracelet.

  4. Lovely! I've got my eye on a bag pattern from Made by Rae... Too many projects, not enough time!! The matchbox cars bit made me giggle...

  5. Ah, so true about how much it costs to make bags. I just tallied up the cost for a bag I want to make and I don't think I can afford it. Love the panel. Always nice to showcase some Liberty.

  6. Lovely bag and such a good feeling using up leftovers. I thought I was the only one who butchered old handbags for their bits!

  7. Sweet. I do need a new bag or two - bookmarked for inspiration.

  8. A great looking bag! I don't know if it's me but bag patters seem so hard... I've still got an unfinished (gift for sister-in-law) bag on my table from January - arghhhh!