Thursday, May 31, 2012

MMM - The finale

Well MMM is over for another year. I feel like I should have something interesting or profound to say after a month of documenting my Me-Made-ness daily,  but I don't (Maybe I'm tired from work. Maybe I'm distracted by the fact that I should be bathing my children. Maybe I just don't have any profound thoughts. Who knows?) Anyway, what I can say is that I have enjoyed the challenge and found it much easier than I anticipated. I feel quite good about the fact that I have reached a point in my sewing where the majority of clothing in my wardrobe has not only been made by me, but is actually very wearable. That's kinda cool don't you think? 

If you have 30 seconds to kill, you can see the whole month all on one page. Just click on the tab above. 

Thank you to Zo for organising it. I know it was a very enjoyable and inspiring experience for many sewists. 

Happy Winter/Summer everyone!

Days 28 - 29
Weather: 20'C - 24'C

From left to right:
1. Home day: Denim skirt (Vogue 1247), black tank, Target cardigan
2. Home day/shopping: Refashioned blouse and long tee, Jag jeans

Days 30 - 31
Weather: 20'C - 24'C

Left to right: 
1. Home Day: Watermelon cowl-necked top, Jag jeans, David Lawrence cardigan
2. Work Day: Milly Chevron top (Simplicity 2406), Target linen pants


  1. Well done you! You've looked lovely every single day too :-)

  2. love the stripey cardi! I'm with you on celebrating the MMM end. I still have two weeks of pics to compile. I don't think it wil be a good post.

  3. You did really well. All your outfits are so put together. I fell flat this month.

  4. Have loved having a glimpse into how you wear your clothes this month. I love your use of colour and am jealous of the weather at this time of year.

  5. Well done!!