Saturday, May 5, 2012

Me Made May: Days 1-5

Week One of MMM got off to a slightly rocky start. I went to take my first photo only to discover the batteries in the camera were completely flat and we had no spares in the house. Following that I had to work out how I was actually going to take the photos without my truster photographer, a remote control or a tripod. In the end, I balanced the camera on a milo tin, which was sitting on an upside down bin, which was balancing on a flower pot. My camera has a 10 second timer. Sadly it only allows one photo at a time making things a bit tricky. But hey, I got there in the end.

Sorry my photos are a bit distorted. Still trying to work out how to use my computer. It helps if you squint!

Days 1-2
Weather: Min: 22'C Max: 30'C / Mostly sunny

From left to right:
1. Catching up with other mums & kidsMissoni cowl neck top (Vogue 9771),  Jag Jeans
2. Late afternoon work meeting: Wrap dress (McCalls 6163)
3. Home day with child: Cowl knit top (self-drafted), Billabong shorts

Days 3-5
Weather: Min: 20'C Max: 30'C / Mostly sunny

From left to right:
1. Coffee with a friend/hairdresser appointment: Lonsdale dress 
2. Work: Skirt Burda 8281, white RTW blouse, green leather belt, Elk beads
3. Kid's soccer game: Shorts Burda 8087, RTW Piper top, orange resin bangle


  1. Well aren't you the well dressed one! I don't think that I have seen you wear that skirt since you made is very funky!

  2. All your outfits are lovely! A very good week! Your photo taking perfectly describes how I used to take all my own photos for the first year of my blog. If I was at home I used a kitchen stool, if I was in the park, I propped my camera on the ground or a park bench or in a tree somewhere and ran back and forth a few times. Having a tripod and remote revolutionised my life! (not that I'm over-dramatising, or anything ;) )

  3. I don't have a remote either. I really want to get one. I find that I make a face right before the shutter clicks.

    Your outfits look fab! I especially love your Londsdale.

  4. Wow! You looked lovely and pulled together each and every day! That's as impressive as the fact that the clothes were made by you.