Saturday, March 10, 2012

Silk Racerback Tank

I made myself another racerback tank. I'm really loving these tops. You can see my first one here. They seem to be the perfect combination of casual and yet dressy - casually elegant I suppose. 

I'm loving the racerback tank fashion that's around at the moment. The ones around tend to be a bit baggier, floatier and longer than mine, however, I think this cut is better suited to my body. I think the baggier versions would just add unwanted kilos to my frame. 

There is a little pocket to the left. It's very well camouflaged, but if you look carefully you'll spot it.   

There is something a little funny going on here near the armpits and across the upper bust. I think the problem here actually lies with my bra more than the top. My usual crossback bra was in the wash, so I wore a black strapless instead. The bra is not a perfect fit which shows. The top is falling a little into the bra.

I made this top using the Tiny Pocket Tank pattern from Grainline. I altered the back however so it was a racerback. It's made using a silk that I bought at Spotlight when it was having a 40% sale. I adore the colours and think they suit life in the tropics perfectly.

- side view-

I bound the neckline and armholes using self-made bias binding. Due to the slippery nature of the fabric, I cut bias strips using a rotary cutter. I then attached them by folding the strips, wrong sides together as I sewed them to the outside of the garment. I then folded the folded strip under and resewed. Doable...but not fun!

I have another piece of silk of the same weight in my stash that has been sitting there for a few years. I think I make another. It will be hot pink with red spots - very groovy!

Happy sewing!


  1. Another lovely top - perfect for the summer that never ends!

  2. I agree - it really is a casually elegant top and it looks great. It must wear so well with the heat and humidity you get up there - strange to think you're sewing summer clothes and down south I'm thinking about jackets and coats.

  3. I like racer back, and I love the fabric! Just perfect for summer.

  4. Such GORGEOUS silk! I love that print! You look so summery :)

  5. Fancy getting that Fabric at Spotters, super cute! I love my tiny pocket tank but that pocket is so tiny, I had such trouble turning the seam allowance and getting a rounded bottom to it.

  6. A racerback silk tanktop? I think I need one. Yours is beautiful!