Friday, January 13, 2012

Christmas Frocks - Vogue 8184 & 'Lonsdale' by Sewaholic

- Me and Emily in our Christmas frocks -

I arrived home last night after a month long holiday on the Sunshine Coast. My family and I had a wonderful time house-sitting a home on a property in the Noosa Hinterland. Here is a photo of the view from the deck. Glorious!

Such a relaxing and inspiring place to sew don't you think? Well, I did take my sewing machine with me and got off to a flying start by sewing myself and my younger sister Emily, each a new Christmas frock.  Unfortunately, things went seriously downhill come Christmas day. My younger brother had bought me a mandolin (slicer) for Christmas, at my request. While preparing an Asian slaw for Christmas lunch,  things got a little out-of-control. Moments later, my husband was rushing me off to hospital with some pretty serious cuts on my hand. After spending 3 hours waiting in the emergency room, I lost patience and walked out. With the help of grafting tape, a tube of antisepetic  and a couple of gin & tonics, my sisters managed to stick me back together. Unfortunately, that pretty much marked the end of my holiday sewing time, as I could no longer cut or hold a pair of scissors. Serious bummer!

So here is 80% of my holiday sewing:

1. Vogue 8184

This is the third time I've made this dress, so it came together easily and quickly. I used a silk/cotton fabric I purchased only a few days earlier at The Fabric Store in Brisbane. I wasn't actually planning on making a Christmas frock by just HAD to after finding this fabric. After all, everyone loves a Christmas tree inspired dress right! I also made the red flower using a cotton/silk remnant picked up on the same trip just to add some serious Christmas punch!

This fabric is really quite divine and so lovely to wear. It has a sateen-type shine to it. I lined the dress in a black cotton voile. This wasn't really necessary as the fabric is not sheer. For some reason, I just like my party dresses to be lined.

2. Lonsdale by Sewaholic

I sewed this dress for my sister Emily, using a cotton lawn purchased at Spotlight. This is a simple dress to sew and the instructions are straight-forward and easy to follow.  I will shorten the bodice if I ever make it for her again as there is a little bit of pooling at the waistline.

- The lovely Emily -

And just for fun, a photo of me and my sisters Emily, Katherine and Sarah sitting with my mother - the lady that kick-started all this sewing shenanigans. 


  1. Gorgeous dresses! Especially good to see the Lonsdale, I have that pattern but haven't made it up yet. Love the fabric you chose.

  2. I love these photos. They remind me of my tropical Christmases in
    Panama as a kid. It's a little chilly in Britain right now and the sun is a bit weak. Sigh.
    Both dresses are lovely. I'd really like to try the lonsdale dress. So I appreciate your positive review.
    The picture of you all together is beautiful!

  3. Beautiful dresses, I don't think you can go wrong with either pattern. I am eager to try the Lonsdale and I never tire of seeing the many variations of the lovely Vogue 8184.

  4. A really lovely happy picture of your family! I love the dresses you made for yourself and your sister. They are so colourful and cheerful. Best wishes for a fantastic 2012!

  5. Hmm, I wonder where the xmas mandolin is now??? Bummer of a start to the holidays. You all look so gorgeous in the last photo - your lucky mum, 4 talented girls (as you will always be in her mind, I'm sure).

  6. Oh, a tropical Christmas! So much fun. It's so cold here right now. Your dresses look gorgeous. I especially love the little pop of red on your dress with the flower. Such a nice touch.

  7. Gorgeous! I love the fabric of your 8184.

  8. Ohhh, your poor fingers - can see them bandaged up in a few shots. But the dresses are great - super holiday sewing. Noosa is just brilliant, how lucky to house sit so close. Did you have a peek in Oh-Sew-Noosa at all???

  9. Lovely dresses - and I agree, lining makes a dress more special. What a happy group photo too; looks like lots of fun apart from the imjuries!

  10. Oh my goodness, so sorry to hear about your accident, ouch! I do hope you are healing up okay. The dresses are lovely. I really like your choice of fabric for your dress and the red flower was a perfect final touch. The Londsdale looks great too. I may want to make that this year myself.

  11. Those mandolin slicers are vicious! Your dresses are gorgeous, I'm so impressed that you sewed one for you and one for your sister. Love the fabric you've used on yours.