Friday, November 25, 2011

Lingerie Making Treasures

Yesterday I had the opportunity to explore a treasure trove of lingerie making supplies. Through my sewing teacher, I discovered a local lady that has a warehouse full of the stuff. She spent 15 years sewing custom-made lingerie for people through some kind of party plan (like Tupperware only sexier!).  She stopped the lingerie making some years ago and now teaches lingerie making lessons occasionally  through a local fabric shop. 

There was not a whole lot of order to her storage however it was still fun to rifle through. Given the chance, I could probably spend hours there. Sadly, time was limited.

I must say, picking out all the bits to make a bra is really quite tricky. The problem with lace and other trims, is that it's hard to work out whether they're beautiful or just plain ugly when they're on their own. There's no instant 'love it! must have it'. It's more of a 'ummmmmmm, hmmmmmmmm' Anyway, I managed to pick out the bits to make three different sets. I got enough for both me and Katherine. 

6 sets (bra and knickers) for $112. That makes each set $18. Not bad!

The colours here are not too far from real life.
2-way stretch both in matte and sheen.

This one is a closer to a rich gunmetal blue than purple. The rosettes are also gunmetal blue not lilac.
This is a one-way stretch satin lycra.

 This one is actually a dark rich teal with a texture. 
It's shiny. One-way stretch.
I choose black trims if they weren't available in the teal.

Well that's my sewing plan for the holidays. Only 2 weeks to go. Yippee!

In sewing news - I'm hoping to finish my beach tunic this weekend and then my pre-holiday sewing is complete.


  1. You picked out some gorgeous fabrics and trims that go together beautifully... and what fun to have a fabulous "lace n' other lovelies" stash to choose from!

  2. They're so pretty and at $18 per set they're a bargain. I wish I was on holiday in a couple of weeks!