Thursday, October 6, 2011

A Giveaway - Antique Fabric

I have just spent a good chunk of the morning cleaning out my ever-expanding wardrobe. I was trying my very best to be as ruthless as possible. It's a tough gig I tell you!

Anyway, I've decided to offer one of my discards in a giveaway. Put simply, it's a wrap skirt. I know however, that the sewers amongst you will see it not as a skirt, but as a length of material.

This skirt has survived all past wardrobe clean-outs during the past ten years. I wore it to my brother's wedding ten years ago and have barely worn it since. It's not really my style, yet it has been hard to throw out the fabric. Deep down, I'm not really a sentimental kinda' gal nor a collector, so have decided it is well and truly time to say goodbye.

 Here is what I can tell you about it:

- My younger sister bought the fabric at an antique shop approx. 10 years ago.

- She was told it was an antique. I vaguely remember that she paid just over $100 for a piece twice this size.

- It may be silk. I just burnt the teeniest bit of thread from it and it did not behave like a synthetic. (I didn't want to cut a chuck out of it to do a thorough test).

- It has metallic thread embellishments.

- It is very drapey.    

- It has a sheen that changes colour from different directions.

- It measures approx. 105cm x 150cm.

- It has a few holes in it. From cockroaches I suspect. These all appear roughly along the same line, give or take a few centimetres.

Anyway, I thought I'd take this chance to thank all the wonderful bloggers out there for sharing your projects, tips, ideas and being a wonderful source of inspiration.

If you think you'd like it, just leave a comment. I am happy to post worldwide!      

Giveaway closes Monday, 17th October.                


  1. this is lovely. Thank you for the opportunity. I could make a skirt or top.

    Rose in SV (California)

  2. This is quite stunning, and a beautiful potential dress. Please enter me in your give-away!

  3. It looks gorgeous - you ARE being tough - good for you!

  4. gorgeous fabric. It would make a cute summer dress.

  5. Um, yes please! It's so pretty.

  6. This has so many possibilities please enter me.

    eldredgered at gmail dot com

  7. How can you part with this?It is beautiful. Please add me to the give away.

  8. It´s just a beautiful give away! I love the changing colours and would apreciate to win this! Thank´s a lot for having the oportunity.

  9. Oh my, what beautiful material. This would look amazing as a throw cushion! Thanks for the chance.

  10. Throw cushion? No way my dear - I would love to turn it into a kaftan tunic. Please include me in your fabulous give away.