Sunday, September 4, 2011

Origami Fisherman's Pants

 A gift for an awesome father

Don't you just love it when your least planned sewing projects turn out to be just spot on. It's Father's Day today and I was at a loss with what to buy/make Paul. He's a tricky guy to buy for. He has a couple of guitars, a ukuele, his ipod, his itunes account and a pile of books that could dwarf the Eiffel Tower - what more does he need? He's a content man.

The idea to make these came to me in a flash in the middle of the night on Thursday. Don't you just love it when that happens. I wasn't actually thinking about Father's Day but somehow it must have been mulling away in my subconscious. I jumped out of bed on Friday morning, quickly washed the fabric and secretly hung it on the line to dry before heading off to work. 

On Friday night I pinched an old, stained pair of fisherman's pants out of his wardrobe then locked myself in my sewing room and set to work. One and a half hours later I was done. There's nothing like a quick Friday night project to satisfy the soul.

Let's face it, you couldn't actually sew fisherman's pants in a more appropriate fabric. Not only is the design asian-inspired, but the act of putting on the pants reflects the origami design on the fabric. It's all in the folds! The fabric was actually chosen by Paul too. It's from Ikea. I had no idea what I was going to do with it. It's home decor weight but there was no way I was ever going to use it for either a bag or home decor. The fabric would be covered in mould stains after a week in Cairns. This however, is perfect.

- Back view: with stag pocket (sounds manly, doesn't it) -

- Extreme close up -

- In action - 
Paul passionately pumping out the new Red Hot Chilli Pepper's Song, 'Brendan's Death Song' 
(Have you heard it yet? It's quite catchy!)

Wishing you all a very happy Father's Day!


  1. Cute!

    Every man needs a stag pocket.

    Happy Father's Day, Paul!

  2. Stag pockets - love it! I'm so impressed that you found the time to sew a Father's Day present.

  3. These look fantastic! And you don't get pockets any more masculine than a stag pocket! I think it sounds like a must-have feature on any man's shorts... :)

  4. Great work - these look fabulous! Content men - yep - so mine got Fruit Cake!!

  5. Wow! Well done. The recipient looks pretty pleased too!

  6. Cool pants! He seems quite pleased with them!

  7. Pretty fabulous pants! Awesome idea. Will be great for our island holiday.