Monday, June 13, 2011

Vogue 8552 in Yellow

Vogue 8552

This is the second time I've made this dress/tunic. The first one is here, made in red linen. This is the first garment I have made from the fabric purchased during my recent trip to Sydney. It is a light-weight cotton with a floral pattern on a stripy texture. I bought quite a few pieces of gorgeous fabric and consequently spend most of my days mulling over designs in my head. 

I wanted to make a tunic that could be worn as both a top and as a dress. The dress is perfect for the warmer months and when worn with jeans, is all I need for Winter.

As a dress. 

I actually think the colour looks better over jeans. Yellow is not not the best colour for me, but I couldn't resist the fabric. I'll actually need to wear a slip under when I wear it out and about. 

A few details:

Lacy sleeves - Guipure Lace trim

Pleated neckline

Back view 

Close up of slouchy pockets
I placed the fabric so that the lines were horizontal on the hemband. I sewed guipure lace over the seam.

Verdict - I'm very happy with this tunic top/dress. I think the colour works better as a top for me though. The yellow doesn't quite work with so much of my skintone exposed.


  1. Great dress! Different enough from the previous version that it doesn't even make me think of the first. Nice details with that lace. I prefer it with the jeans too. Maybe on its own it would look better accessorised with a different colour. With the jeans, you have that red / yellow / blue primary colour combo. What if you wear it with green when it is on its own? Or perhaps black accessories? Or a lighter blue?

  2. I love it! You look foxy in it without the jeans, but I like the jeans too.

    That looks like a simple pattern for you though ... something a bit more up my alley ... ie no buttons or zips.

    And so great that you can make multiples of it. It looks fab! As do the shoes.

    Clever sausage.

  3. I think it is great! I love yellow. I also have a pink-ish skin tone. I am never sure if it is flattering or not, but I feel good in it and I wear it.

  4. I love it and I love the fabric too. Where did you shop in Sydney? I have also made that dress, I might have to pull it out again.

  5. I love, love, love this tunic. It looks fantastic on you either over jeans or as a dress.
    Anne xx

  6. What a cute dress! I really like the neckline and the yellow. I don't do much yellow either, because it's hard to know if a particular shade of yellow is a good one, but I think this yellow is good on you.

  7. Lovely dress. It must be very warm in north Queensland.

  8. I think it is gorgeous, and I love yellow and would wear this in a heartbeat! Those big slouchy pockets are some kind of wonderful too...

  9. The slouchy pockets are fantastic--and I love it over jeans too. The lace gives it the perfect touch of femininity.

  10. Love it, love the colour, love the lace, love the pockets...well you get the picture.

  11. The yellow fabric is fabulous. I think it looks fine with your skin tone. You could try it with some purple accessories-- purple and yellow are complementary. I struggle with yellow, too, though I love it. My skin tone is slightly olive and I always feel like yellow makes me look all one color.

  12. Look at you showing off your bare arms! So jealous, it's been cold and non stop rain here in Sydney, boo!!
    That dress/tunic is fabulous, just my style, I love it over jeans.

  13. How much fun is this?! I love the fabric and the free and easy design. I think it works as a dress just as well as over the jeans - but maybe if you need more colour contrast you could wear it over a straight skirt for warmer weather?

  14. Aaaah I love this! I bought the pattern immediately XD It's on it's way now and I can't wait to get my hands on it! Should be a good make for summer XD Thanks for the awesome review.

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