Monday, April 4, 2011

:: My Winter Coat #1

To kick off my new project, I thought I'd share a fabulous song by the wonderfully talented Paul Kelly. Beautiful stuff!

A scheduled trip to Sydney in the last weekend in May has inspired me to make my first winter coat. I've never sewn a coat before or anything 'wintery' for that matter. This trip to Sydney has given me the perfect excuse. Up until now, I've always borrowed warm clothes when needed. Living in Cairns, I've always struggled to justify the cost of a coat that I may or may not wear for a few days a year (IF I head south in Winter). This time, I decided to jump in and do it. It's a staple afterall. Also, I'm up for a sewing challenge.

I decided to go with Project Runway - Simplicity 2508.

I've seen quite a few bloggers sew this pattern up with good experiences and great results. Let's hope my trip will be as satisfying.

I've already sewed up a muslin which I will share tomorrow. It's too late to take photos. I welcome as much feedback as possible as I'm treading into new and uncharted territory.

My biggest hurdle at the moment is sourcing the right fabric at the right price. I'd like to produce a quality piece but am not willing to spend a fortune. This is something I'm still working on. Fingers crossed.


  1. I love that pattern! Which view are you making? Looking forward to seeing the muslin.

  2. Love the coat pattern you've chosen. You'll need it in May if you aren't used to colder weather.

  3. This pattern looks great, can't wait to see your fabric!

  4. Which view/options are you making?

  5. They are very stylish coats. I hope you find just the material you want at the right price and look forward to seeing the end result. Have fun.
    Anne xx

  6. Great pattern! I have this one too, but have yet to make it up. And it is handy having a winter coat, even if you don't have much use for it, since it takes a while to sew one up it it's good to just have it there in case you do travel somewhere cooler. I look forward to seeing your fabric and coat!

  7. Hi Bernice, I have given you a Stylish Blogger award. There is no obligation, of course, but if you like you can check it out on my blog here

  8. I just made this coat a couple of months ago
    It is a good pattern, I made the bottom right version only shorter. I would recommend getting horsehair canvas if you are using the big collar, it helps hold the shape so well. I used home dec fabric because I couldn't find any "coat" fabrics in a pattern. I interlined mine in flannel to add a little more warmth. The only thing I would change would have been to add an inch to the sleeve length. It looks good but would be nice to have some length for when it is cold and I want to tuck my hands up. I love this coat, it is the most complimented piece I have ever made! Have fun, I am looking forward to seeing the results :)