Sunday, March 6, 2011

::pins & needles - Boardies for the Boys

Burda 9793

 - I'm not 100% sure why Toby has chosen to pose like a chicken -

- back view -

It's a miracle really that the boys are even wearing these shorts. I bought this boardie material back in 2009 with the plan to make them each a pair of shorts for the Christmas holidays. Christmas 2009 went by and no shorts. Next, I decided to make them up in time for our holiday to the Sunshine Coast, December 2010. I even cut them out and started to sew them up. However, the holiday came, the holiday went and no shorts.

This weekend, however, I made a little promise to myself to finish off my UFOs and mending before embarking on the new sewing plans swirling around in my head. Also, I would have felt too guilty if they'd grown out of them before I ever finished sewing them.

Ta da! All ready for the Easter holidays with weeks and weeks to spare! So clever and on top of things!

I must add that I love this pattern. I've made it up a few times now and am really quite smitten with it. Although you can't see in the photo, it has a false fly (that may not be the technical term) which makes them appear a bit dressy while keeping them  super comfy and easy to go to the loo in - no buttons, clips or zippers!


  1. Oh these boardies are AWESOME, but your kids are even better. Just look at those gorgeous little guys. I wanna give them a cuddle. :)
    Thanks for sharing.
    Anne xx

  2. Cool boardies. The contrast band and back pocket make these extra smart. I have the worst trouble finding boardie fabric. Yours look great. Are these nylon supplex?

  3. Hi kbenco,

    I have absolutely no idea if this is nylon supplex. I don't actually know what nylon supplex is. I'm not much help. What I can tell you though is I bought it at Spotlight. They had some awesome shark fabric last year but I wouldn't allow myself to buy it because I had these UFOs haunting me. I now wish I did. Oh well.

  4. The boardies are awesome and I'm jealous that it's still warm enough for the boys to need them.
    And good on you for finishing off the UFOs. I'm on a bit of a UFO kick at the moment - finish one UFO and then I cut one new project. I may or may not be able to keep it up:)

  5. These are fabulous and it is wonderful you could still get the bigger sizes out of the fabric you originally bought!
    I was also going to ask where did you get boardie fabric, but I read the above comment about Spotlight, thank you! Now I have to check it out...