Sunday, February 13, 2011

:: pins & needles - Yellow

New Look 6700
Styled with:
Necklace by elk
Turquoise cuff bangle
White linen pants

I've always struggled with the colour yellow. It's bright, sunny and happy - can't argue with that! I fear however, when against my skin tone it has the opposite effect - I become dull and drawn. I think too, I've never found a way to really make it work in my wardrobe. I owned a pair of yellow sandals once, but that barely counts.

Anyway, I came across this cotton voile in Spotlight a few weeks ago and instantly liked it. I think it's the 'right' shade of yellow (not necessarily against my skin, just in general) and a perfect weight for the tropics. Although hard to see in the photos, the pattern is very similar to that often found on origami paper which I do like..a lot.

- Check out the french braiding and flower - very groovy. I'm seriously thinking about cutting all my hair off soon and thought I'd make the most of it until then -

I have made this pattern twice before and find it irresistibly comfortable. This is really my first out-in-public version. The others I kept most for around the home. It's so stinkin' hot and humid up here, it's what I want to wear all the time (minus the pants, of course). When I'm wearing other stuff, I often wish I was wearing something as cool as this. Those islanders know what they're on about!

- Back view - 
The only bummer with this top is bra-issues. There's a reason why you never hear 'shoe-string halter top' and 'comfortable bra' used in the same sentence. I've opted for a boob-tube type thing under this top which I find much more comfy than my strapless bra. I think it gives me a funny, unflattering shape but you know what - I can live with that. Sometimes you just have to choose comfy over a well-shaped, well-supported, stand-to-attention bust!


  1. I love the yellow and white fabric and it does suit you. I'd love to make another of my kaftan tunics in this.

  2. This looks so airy and summery! (I'm just dying for summer to get here) I love yellow, too, but I have the same issues with it against my skin. I think this is the perfect shade of yellow. And I like your groovy hair, too.

  3. Thanks for visiting - and putting me on your blog roll, that was a lovely surprise!
    The yellow looks great, very summery. We're back to winter gear at night and summer stuff in the day down here, Melbourne weather always keeps us on our toes...
    Love the Saturn cake, it would have put a smile on anyone's face!

  4. What a sweet top - you are right - halter neck and comfy bra are not a combination you hear everyday... yours looks great!

  5. That looks beautifully cool. You'll have to make more. I like the pockets. Perhaps you need some "on-show" bras with pretty straps to wear with seems almost everybody else has their bra straps on show these days.

  6. It's beautiful - that yellow is perfect looks really lovely. I love the pockets too.

  7. The yellow looks absolutely fantastic--and I love the groovy hair! (Mine never seems to turn out just right) My boys were by the computer and asked me to make them a Saturn cake too. Thanks ;)

  8. Your top looks cool and comfy - just what you'd need at the moment! Great necklace too. Thanks for your lovely comment and adding me to your blog roll.

  9. I'm fond of yellow myself. I have a yellow jacket cut out, now I just need the enthusiasm to get sewing! Thanks for stopping by my blog. Lovely to have found yours!

  10. I adore yellow, so I love your top! The pockets look just right. It looks perfect for our weather here too!
    Your Saturn cake is a work of art. Seriously. Magnificent.
    Thank you for your nice comment on my dress!

  11. I have the same problems with yellow too. "Death warmed up" is a popular comment *sigh*

    I found a really light cool lemon-yellow is not too painful - well, doesn't get too many alarmed reactions.

    Your top is lovely. Glad you found a yellow you can wear. I can see what you mean about origami paper. Nice!