Monday, December 6, 2010

::pins & needles - Artsy Stuff

I am well and truly in the thick of holiday preparations here. Thick, hot, busy, crazy and slightly stressful holiday preparations. The humidity is starting to do my head in, but with 4 days to departure, I'm on the home stretch.

Much to my relief, I finished sewing all my handmade Christmas gifts over the weekend. I crossed the finishing line with an artsy folder and artsy pencil roll for two special 5 year old girls.

 - art folder : outside -

 - art folder : inside -

- pencil roll : outside - 

 - pencil roll : inside -

I also made 5 artsy clutches, Amy Carol style (see below). All were made with scraps and buttons from my op-shop button jar. Why 5? Well every time we go away I'm driven slightly mad by bags and boxes full of mixed-up stuff. This is my attempt to maintain order in my luggage and the back of my car. Here's my plan:
- crotchet clutch: for newly purchased crotchet bits -
I'm teaching myself to crotchet these holidays. 

- jewelery clutch - 

- make-up clutch -
- personals clutch -
- electric cords, chargers, cameras, batteries clutch -

Fours days to go, 2 pairs of boardshorts and the sleeve of a blouse and I'm done. The countdown is on.


The cover of Amy Carol's book featuring the Artsy Clutch. I don't actually own a copy but have based my clutches on this design.


  1. You're such a clever clutch and such!

    Happy hols!

  2. The clutches look great! Pencil rolls are always a fabulous present.

  3. They all look great! You have been busy. Good for you for being done with Christmas sewing, I haven't even started... eek.

  4. I've just bought the pencils and pad to make an art folder for my daughter - yours looks great. Love the double pocket for papers.

  5. Those look so cute! Great idea. I'm sure those gifts were a hit.