Friday, November 12, 2010

:: show & tell - Meg's New Bedroom

This week we celebrated Meg's 5th  birthday. So much fun! For her birthday this year we decided to give her her very own bedroom. The days of having to share with stinky and annoying brothers were over. Not only is this room new to her, it is also a newly lined room - new walls, new ceilings, a new wardrobe and new fittings. The festy old masonite from the 1960s was gone. Good riddance, I say.

Over the past few weeks we've been slowly preparing the room as secretly as possible. On the evening before her birthday, we covered the doorway with wrapping paper. That way, the following morning, she got to smash through it, footballer style.

Here's what she saw:

This gorgeous bed was made by my wonderfully talented husband. Before studying teaching, he completed a graduate degree in Industrial Design. He jumped at the opportunity when I asked him if he would build Meg a bed.  The bedheads were cut from 32mm of MDF. Boy, this baby is HEAVY!

The artworks on the wall are reproductions painted by me of the fabulous work of Meredith Gaston. (The great masters all learned to paint by copying the work of their talented predecessors. I figured I would jump on board!)

 I bought this bedside table from Vinnies for $10. A slick of turquoise paint and it looks brand spankin' new. The pony was a present from her Grandmother when she was born. The letter M was a present from her Auntie at the same time.

Paul also designed and made this desk. The desk was created using the leftover wood from the bed. We also gave this old chair a new slick of paint. It's Paul's old desk chair from his school and uni days. I sewed the cushion to give Meg a bit of bum-padding. 

The penholders are a collection of stoneware vessels I've collected on my op-shopping adventures.  The middle penholder is old teapot. The ribbon dispenser is a recent purchase retrieved from the bargain bin at Spotlight.

Appliqued owl cushion by me.

The chest of drawers is full of all Meg's art and craft stuff.

New pillowcase by me using the sweetest dancer print, pink spots and blue ricrac. 

The dolly is my first attempt at a softie using the Kinder Girls pattern from RicRac. Apart from the shape of the head, that bears strong resemblance to ET (my fault), it was mostly smooth sailing.

The dollhouse was another secondhand find. Bought and painted for her 2nd birthday.

Despite having sewed plenty of bunting, this string was actually purchased in Myer (marked down of course!)

I made the chicken and egg mobile when Meg was first born. It was based on a Flensted Mobile design. 

Meg was delighted!


  1. Oh, something like this just demonstrates how much parents love their children! And will do anything for them!

    I bet she was thrilled! What a fabulous job ... every inch thought of.

    Love it!

  2. What a fantastic room! Love the bed, the artwork, the table, the cushions - love everything. I also had my 3 year old hanging over my shoulder while I was looking at it saying "Mum, can I have that?" about 50 times! What a lucky girl and I bet she LOVED bursting through the wrapping paper.

  3. It's a beautiful room - and your husband is so clever!

  4. What a beautiful room for your little girl. I love what you have done in this room, your paintings, especially the owl cushion (I love owls) and the bed and desk are awesome. It's fantastic being married to a creative man isn't it?
    Thanks for sharing with us.

  5. I bet she loves it! In fact, I wouldn't mind having a room like that. Those reproductions you painted are fabulous. I love kid art.

  6. What a gorgeous little girls room, you are a talented family.

  7. Gorgeous room. That must seem like paradise to her! Gorgeous colour tones in the canvases.

  8. Oh WOW! Job well done! :) I drool. If I had a little girl (I have 2 boys... hmmm) I would love to do something like this! Do you ever feel like you want to move in too?