Tuesday, November 16, 2010

:: pins & needles - Meg's Christmas skirt & top

Burda 9826 - Skirt
Simplicity 5706 - Top

Hmmm, do you think Santa will think she's naughty or nice?

Last weekend I made Meg her Christmas outfit. I've given up on trying to get her to wear pretty dresses for special occasions. The last two I sewed for her are hanging in her wardrobe both having only ever been worn once. The injustice! So unappreciated. I also struggle to get her to wear skirts, unless they're made of denim. Even they only get limited wear as they're often thick and hot. To ensure a win, I went with a dark chambray.
Still unsure about naughty or nice? It's all in the eyes.
- model's own accessories, self-styled-

The top is a lightweight cotton voile. I had to extend the length by about 10cm which seems a bit odd. It's a lovely colour too - watermelon pinky/red.

- dirty & crushed after a day at kindy -

The skirt is a lightweight denim chambray. This pattern is made of four pieces sewn on the bias. I added a ribbon to the hem using Oliver + S's method from their Lazy Days Skirt Pattern. I added a pocket of my own design.

- side view -

- back view -

I reckon I've had a win with this one. Finally! She insisted on wearing it to a party on Saturday even before I had sewn the pocket one. She also rummaged through the wash today and found it to wear to kindy. Let's hope it's still looking good by Christmas.

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  1. Cute! Your kids dont like being photographed do they?

  2. Very cute. Chambray will be so versatile. I bought that same necklace for Lucy, but really I wanted it for myself.

  3. Your model has excellent taste in accessories.

  4. She'll have 6 more sets of this by Christmas. Very cute! Love her eyes!