Sunday, November 28, 2010

:: pins & needles - Headbands in bloom

Flowery Headbands

I had a go at making some fabric flowers over the weekend using the tutorial by Suzannah from Adventures in Dressmaking.  It is a simple tutorial that is easy to follow and reasonably quick to make. I also think the results are pretty good too.

I turned both flowers into headbands to give to a friend for her birthday.

What I learned from this experience is that:
1. You need a stiff fabric such as silk dupion to get the desired body.
2. Alternating layers of fabrics of different textures, finishes and weights creates a more interesting and beautiful flower.
3. Voile is probably too light on it's own, but would work as if layered between heavier fabrics.

I think the black one is good, but the ivory one looks quite stunning in real life.

- Ivory flower -
- alternating layers of silk dupion, silk satin, shiny side up, silk satin shiny side down -
- pearl bead -

- Black flower -
- layers of silk/cotton voile -
- pearl bead -

I think whipping these little beauties up could become quite addictive. They've such a satisfying way to use up even the scrappiest scraps. 

This afternoon I bought some brooch clips from Spotlight. I'm headed in that direction next. 


  1. Very sweet headbands. Do you have a market stall?

  2. Gail - Golly gosh no! I don't have the 'production line' staying power in me. I'll give things a go a few times and then I'm onto something else.

  3. What fun! I can see these flowers popping up everywhere soon.