Sunday, November 7, 2010

:: pins & needles - Christmas Cargos

Burda 9793

- how come other people's children cooperate for photos and mine don't? - 

One of my favourite things about Christmas as a child was getting a new outfit or at least some new piece of clothing. From memory, Mum always sewed us something new as one of our Christmas presents. I remember always hoping that we would get to open our presents before going to mass so that I could show off my new outfit straight away. I remember feeling very disappointed when we didn’t.

I don’t know about you, but for my favourite part of mass as a child was communion. I loved watching everyone file up the aisles so I could get a good look at all the outfits. Rather than praying for eternal happiness, I would be on my knees deciding who was the best dressed. (On the odd occasion that I still go to mass…Christmas and Easter…this is still my favourite part!)

Anyway, to keep up with tradition, I'm trying to sew my three children a new piece of clothing/outfit for Christmas. This morning I finished up these shorts for my boys.

I sewed them using Burda 9793. I reckon they look fabulous. I really am super chuffed! I omitted the 2 sets of pockets on the original pattern (side and back) in favour of these cargo style pockets. I actually copied the pockets from a pair of hand-me-downs from of nephew -  thanks Katherine.

- cotton drill from Spotlight, size 4 - 

- size 2 -


  1. They do look fabulous. Very professional. I did laugh at the photos of your older son ... even before I read what you said about them posing!

    Mass ... I used to do the same thing. People watching ... just what baby Jesus wanted us all to do!

    My verification word is "blesess". Bless.

  2. Nobody's children cooperate for photos, and if they did, I wouldn't get the good ol' belly laugh that Monty is giving me now!

    Shorts look fab. Perhaps you could let Monty open his presents before mass so that you can get a photo of him smiling in his Christmas shorts on Christmas day.