Tuesday, October 12, 2010

:: pins & needles - Waiting for Mr Sandman

Burda 2711 (again)

This morning I made up another version of Burda 2711. This time I made it up in cotton voile which is much more manageable than silk satin. I added a strip of watermelon pink cotton (looks red in the photos) along the baseline to match the flowers. 

After my silk bias binding fiasco from the last nightie, my sister recommended an alternative technique to attach the bias binding. She suggested I fold the whole strip in half, press, pin to wrong side of fabric, sew all three raw edges together, turn to right side and stitch. This worked an absolute treat. I'm yet to try it on silk satin, but it was fabulous on cotton.

I'm on a bit of a sleepwear roll at the moment. I've got a pair of PJs cut out and plans to make some nighties and PJs for Meg, so stay tuned.

I apologise for my boring 'nightie on the hanger' shots. Boring, yet safe. There seem to be a lot of sewing bloggers modeling their garments by rolling around in the grass at the moment. They do look very arty and magazine-y. I still find it horribly uncomfortable to pose for a photo standing in front of a brick wall. I guess I'm just not ready to take that step yet...maybe in 150,000 years!!


  1. You could do a completely anarchic shot and wear your nightie to the supermarket or stand at the borrowing counter of a library ... take the dog to the vet etc.

    Rolling in the grass is so passe.

    Those other ideas lift the bar!

  2. I love the fabric. For the pictures, you can try to use your friends. I did and we had a lot of fun !

  3. I made a nightie on the weekend too. Only mine is white and a little bit sheer, so I won't be modelling it either. I love having lots of cotton nighties. Yours is so pretty, you'll look good in all thoses early morning birthday and Christmas photos.