Tuesday, September 28, 2010

::pins & needles - Skirt with tie

Burda 7651

- styled with unironed pink Country Road camisole, charcoal Piper vest and fabulous arty pendant -

This is the third version I've sewn of Burda 7651. Check out Version 1 in red denim and Version 2 in ivory silk satin. I really like this pattern and can see myself making it over and over again. Version 3 is made using a cotton/ramie blend (I think - it could be cotton/linen). This is actually the 'black' version of the fabric but appears grey as the weave is a combination of black and white thread.

I only deviated from the pattern on the waistband. I made it much wider than the original version, widened the belt tabs and added the tie. I like wearing ties or belts with my bottoms. I know many people don't, but I find they seem to help garments stay in the right place rather than slide below unsightly bulges. Strangely, pants, skirts and shorts tend to gravitate downwards on me.

I really like the back of the skirt. I featured the selvage along the top of both back pockets.


  1. This really is a great casual skirt and I understand why you've made it a few times.

  2. Great skirt, the red version one is gorgeous too!