Tuesday, August 24, 2010

:: scribbles & dribbles - Foamy Printing

Sometime over the weekend, Meg and I experimented with foamy printing. (This is my made-up name. It may very well have a proper term). I think the prints turned out fabulously and were worthy of sharing.

We decided to go with three colours that would blend well together – yellow, green and blue.

We made up the following mixture in three different cups:
-       2 squirts of detergent
-       1 squirt of white glue
-       3 squirts of water
-       1 squirt of acrylic paint
-       a few drops of food colouring

Meg stirred the mixture up until it was all bubbly and foamy. Using a teaspoon (and later her hands) she created patterns on the bench using a combination of the three foamy mixtures. She then made a print of her design A4 paper.

Meg made so many prints that she’s now got a good little supply of very groovy looking paper for all sorts of things – weaving, collage, drawing, the list is endless!

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