Friday, May 14, 2010

Just for a hoot!

Last week one of my friends gave birth to a little baby girl. Her first girl after having two boys. I thought I'd make her a little something 'girly' just to try and balance out all that boys stuff. I decided to go with a cushion -  that way I didn't have to take on the pressures of coming up with something that had to be played with or worn.

And here it is:

All made from bits and pieces in my stash. I decided to leave the edges of the owl raw rather than neatly applique it. I do like the look of raw edges but if I'm honest with myself it was more likely a decision based on time and the fact that the sound of a sewing machine running endlessly drives me a little nuts!


  1. Miles says..."Bernice, that's a lovely thing"

    I think it's pretty groovy myself.

  2. Lovely cushion!! I vote for raw edges too!! I loike the look of them anyway much better.