Sunday, April 18, 2010

Playing Catchup - Part 1

Life has been crazy-busy during the past month. The demands of work and family seem to have swamped me this month. Add to that my newly formed art group with its own set of artistic demands and it has been a squeeze to find sewing and blogging time. And so tonight I’m playing catch-up. I'm going to do this over 2 posts in an attempt to avoid loading delays. So here goes:

 ITEM #1 -  Ivory Silk Clutch

Fabric: Silk Duponi
Pattern: Vogue 8527

Last year I splurged on a gorgeous silk gown to wear to my work Christmas party. It is made from ivory chiffon or georgette (I must learn the difference) and sparsely decorated with pewter, gold and peachy coloured leaves. I borrowed a friend’s clutch as my accessory department was drastically lacking in that area (still is) but promised myself I’d make one at first chance. Three months later here it is. Made from ivory silk duponi using Vogue 8527.  Just a little piece of gorgeous-ness for my ever increasing accessory department. 

The Christmas frock accessorised with my friend's leather clutch.

ITEM #2 – Summery Dress

Fabric: Cotton Voile
Pattern: Burda 8836

Last year was my first attempt at grown-up sewing. Prior to that, I'd done little more than basic kid's stuff and crafty things. To help me along my journey, my sister gave me this fun and colourful cotton voile for Christmas. I decided to try and sew a fun summery dress, seeing as though I seemed to spend quite a bit of time admiring these on others. 

I did struggle a bit with this dress. I could follow the instructions easily enough, it was fitting issues that would haunt me. The bodice size I chose was way too big resulting in something that resembled a tent and provided no coverage whatsoever. Fortunately, I had the chance to visit my more experienced sister a few weeks ago. She added a ton of darts and managed to salvage it. 

Item #3 is on it's way. 

PS. I have no idea what the formatting on this post is so crazy. It appears Blogger has a mind of its own.


  1. Your clutch looks really good. You'll have to make another in a daytime print. I keep thinking up all sorts of versions for myself. I love this pattern! I'm glad the dress worked out but I think it looks heaps better in real-life than the photo.

  2. PS Not that it doesn't look good in the photo, it just looks better in the flesh. Maybe we need to see all your face to capture the same spirit?? Shame we don't all have our own personal stylist and photographer on hand, isn't it?