Monday, February 22, 2010

Passing with flying colours!

Meg loves trawling the aisles of Spotlight. She delights in all things pink and shiny, preferably both. More often than not, on visits to Spotlight, I agree to let her choose something. Sadly for me (and her) this tends all too often to be from the ‘dance costumes’ section.  And so, I have to gently lead her in the direction of something a little more to my taste. Don’t get me wrong, I still let her choose – but the choice can become very, very narrow!

This little dress was the result of last weekend’s visit to Spotlight. It is made using Burda 9703. I bought this pattern last year, thinking dresses for Meg would be a great place to practise my zipper and facing skills. I'm happy with the overall pattern - it's simple yet well put together (unlike the free patterns for girl's dresses I've previously tried). 

I think the fabric is very cute however the dress is quite pale and needs a bit of a 'lift'. I think I'll sew a brown ribbon above the pinky strip and try and hunt down two brown heart-shaped buttons to place on the bodice under the straps. Tracking down the buttons may well be the most challenging part to this little project. Despite this, the dress has passed two very important tests:

Test 1: Sitting on concrete - PASS!
Test 2: Jumping really high - PASS!


  1. I love this fabric and she looks so cute in the dress. Everytime I've been at Spotlight I've been on the lookout but it's obviously very popular because they never have any :(

  2. Nicely done! Although, you are right...Meg does look better in the bold bolours...perhaps you need to reconsider the dance costumes aisle (ha) (as Meg would say)

  3. It's beautiful, what a gorgeous dress! I too have the same fabric choice issues with my 5 year old - she picks up the sparkly stuff and just rubs it on her face, she loves it - she would love to live in a dance costume world!