Sunday, February 14, 2010

The Man-bag

It's not a handbag, oh no! It's a man-bag! 

I whipped it up this morning for Paul from 2 pairs of his old cargo shorts. I thought he could do with a a bag that looked cool and was big enough to carry his bits & pieces and some of the kid's stuff (snacks, nappies, get the idea). 

My most favourite part of the bag is the groovy looking robot patch sewn on the front. It is a drawing by my 4 year old daughter done using fabric textas. There is also a pretty cool looking button that matches quite nicely that I picked out after rummaging through a bag of buttons I bought at Vinnies for $2. Click on the top picture for a closer look.

And a handy spot for his keys made from one of the belt holders.

Even though I didn't actually follow the tutorial, I got the idea from here: messenger bag tutorial.


  1. Paul landed himself a winner there. I won't show Peter...he might think that the hippy bag I made a few years ago just isn't up to scratch. paul's bag has some great details. Love it!

  2. hey Bernice lovely to see you over at my blog :)

    love this manly bag so innovative using old cargo shorts and yes your budding artist has done a brillant job of that robot!

    love you blog its delightful xxx

  3. That's great! I jokingly call my husband's similar one his "European Men's Carry-all" which is, of course, a euphemism for handbag. He takes it with relative good grace :)

  4. wow, super cool, I love this!!

    I wasn't able to respond to your comment on my blog! I am so excited you want to do the photography thing. I just want to branch out a bit and be a bit more aware of things.

  5. That is such a cool bag! (she says, thinking of her husbands sad old cargo shorts that could TOTALLY be refashioned...)

  6. thanks for the link :)
    Made by rae had the bag featured and it is sooo cute
    love love the drawing - can't wait until my oldest will start doing more creative drawings.