Sunday, February 21, 2010

Favourite shirt #3

Last night I made another top just like this bringing my total to 3. I know for sure that this number will keep climbing. I love this shirt (and the other two just like it). It seems to perfectly suit my lifestyle - casual, but presentable, with a splash of originality, a pinch of femininity and a touch of grooviness. It seems to drift easily between work attire and kindy-drop-off-daywear quite nicely.

This one is slightly different to the others - I added a row of rick-rack down each side of the button line, and a row around each sleeve. I also added more elastic around the neckline and waistline which gives it a nicer shape. This version is in a rayon, which drapes very nicely. My first version (shop-bought) was in a cotton-silk blend and the second a cotton voile. Both I like, but I love the drapiness of this one best!

I would like to make this shirt again, and again and possibly again. Therefore, my latest design challenge is to come up with a list of things I could change about this design (embellishments, etc) so that they all look different. Any ideas?


  1. That is a very pretty top. I like the ric-rac embellishment. I also love that necklace.

  2. That top looks lovely - like something I would get heaps of wear out of. I can see why you're on version number 3 :)