Saturday, January 9, 2010

A Spotty Dotty Bag

Meg starts kindy this year and with that comes a list of stuff that must accompany her. A library bag is one of those must-haves. As a teacher living in the tropics, I have all too often seen the results of mixing books and rain  - not pretty! It's enough to make a librarian curse the day she ever heard of the dewey decimal system! (I won't even start on the squashed bananas).

Anyway, in my efforts to be a responsible parent, I decided to go with a water-proof, or at least rain proof-ish library bag. Sure, it may not hold up in a torrential downpour but should do a good enough job to keep things dry during the classroom-to-car dash.

The white fabric with red dots is coated in plastic. It is quite flimsy but choices were limited. I fully lined the bag with the red fabric with the white dots, so it is just as pretty on the inside as on the outside. Apart from the flimsiness, it turned out well - except for the strap that is way too long. But if it were any shorter, I wouldn't be able to borrow it!

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  1. Gee she's cute, she looks so serious! Library bags are a big responsibility!!