Sunday, January 3, 2010

Another springtime dress

Yes, it’s another red & white dress, but so different from the previous one that I can easily justify having two! This one is afterall, more casual and wearer friendly (strapless bra not required). The fabric, which I think is so striking,  is ‘goonengerry’ by Bird Textiles. The dress is made using this pattern created by my talented sister. I'm really happy with this little number as I think it will be a well-used item of clothing - nice enough for catching up casually with friends yet simple enough to wear grocery shopping and kindy-dropping.

Looks great against the tropical setting, don't you think? Lucky for you though, you can't feel the humidity!

1 comment:

  1. A very pretty dress made from stunning fabric. So, it has stopped raining long enough for photographs! It is still raining a lot here and our roof is leaking. I should be sewing my raincoat, but I have been tidying my desk New Year's Resolutions ticked off though.