Saturday, January 16, 2010

All flared up!

The wet season has well and truly arrived and with it, mozzies in plague proportions. That’s the bummer about summer up here – the garden is gorgeous, lush and green, but if you want to enjoy it at either dusk or dawn you have two options. 1) cover yourself with insect repellent or 2) cover up! I prefer the latter. Which is why, come this time of year, I like to make the kids a bunch of mozzie pants. Light, cotton pants that can handle the heat and humidity while locking out the mozzies.

Here’s my first pair for the season (I’ve really got to get crackin’)

Meg’s pants were sewn using Burda 9829 – Girl’s Flared Pants. The heart-shaped pocket was my addition made from some red cotton and a pretty piece of trim left here by my sister on the holidays. 

Time to head out into the garden and eyeball some mozzies!

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