Thursday, December 31, 2009

My Christmas frock

Only a few weeks before Christmas I decided to set myself a challenge – to sew something much trickier than I had previously sewn and to sew something fitted rather than flowy. Flowy is easy – fit isn’t so important. Fitted however, was stepping into unfamiliar territory!

I picked out McCalls 4440. For some unknown reason, I seem to be quite taken by strapless dresses lately. I’d never wore one before, in fact never even had the desire to wear one. Now I have two!

And here it is! I went into it cautiously, carefully following the instructions. My only expectation was that I completed the dress - a good fit was an optional bonus. But with only three phone calls to my sewing hotline, my sister, I ended up with a good fit too. Yay! Very Christmas-y don't you think!

In case you're wondering, the gorgeous (Elk) necklace was from my husband for Christmas and the super-cool scooter a present from my sister to herself!


  1. Its lovely and you managed to get it fitting perfectly from what I can see! Beautiful.

  2. Very gorgeous! Very Christmas-y! You executed that more challenging project beautifully...the fit is spot on. The dress is very flattering and the photo is not bad, if I do say so myself.

  3. The dress looks fantastic! Definitely a great fit, and the fabric is great.