Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Upcycled Zimmermann and other stuff

One of the really cool things about having a daughter that is younger than my two sister's daughters is that I get all the awesome hand-me-downs. The florally pattern on this dress was upcycled from a really cute little Zimmermann top that had not only become too small but had lost the elasticity on the smocking. Rather than throw it out, I removed the elastic and took to it with a pair of scissors resulting in a great looking bird and band. You can't really see it in the photo, but I left all the rows of stitching that held the smocking elastic in place. There's quite a groovy effect of pink stitched parallel lines running along the band.

The beige linen was an offcut and the red ribbon was saved packaging from a pair of pyjamas bought quite a few years ago.

Although the dress is probably a bit too long I think it looks really, really cute. (I'm lovin' that bird.) Hopefully it will be just the right size in a few months or so!

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  1. Very cute. I have a new book of simple girl's patterns...I'll have to bring it when next we meet. It's a bummer about elastic shirring never lasting up here...rules out a lot of great styles. Great save though.