Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Attack of Indecisiveness - Help Urgently Required

I having somewhat of a design dilemma. I have just cut out an a-line skirt from this (see below) gorgeous fabric - goonengerry  from Bird Textiles and I can not decide whether to:
1) add a touch of grooviness in the form of cute little pockets on the front 
2) let the oh-so impressive print stand alone

Here's an a-line skirt made up in the same fabric in red. It looks like she has two side pockets but I don't have a pattern for that and am not about to start chopping into the fabric blindly.

Here's the front of my skirt.

I was thinking at some stage I could cut out one of the really large circles and sew that on as a pocket but after cutting out the skirt I wasn't really left with a complete circle. Also, the location of the circles would also hinder future plans to make a really cool handbag with wooden hoop handles out of the scraps.

So, what do you think?


  1. I'd let the fabric speak for itself. It is TDF! The simplicity of your design works.

  2. Phone me, or I'll phone you and we can talk about the options. K

  3. I also vote no pockets. Mostly because if I have pockets they inevitably get stuffed with toy cars and pacifiers and confiscated chokable objects and end up looking bulky and bad.

  4. Not sure if you've started this one or not, but I'd vote no pockets. See how great it looks without them - the fabric is definitely interesting without additions I think.

    I guess you can always add pockets later if you feel it lacks something ...

    Good luck with it!