Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Seed Montage

A few weeks ago, the school I work at organised an art exhibition to celebrate '2009 - The Year of Creativity'. Every student and staff member were asked to contribute a piece of artwork. Feeling somewhat overwhelmed by the task and aware of the limitations of creating a 'masterpiece' in the same space that I share with three very young children, I needed to come up with a piece that was fast and effective.

Drawing inspiration from a local artist, Cara Stevens, I decided to have a go at creating a montage with a 'seed' theme. I limited my palette to black and orange and then set about hunting through Flickr to find appropriate images.

My husband, an enthusiastic seed collector, had over the years, gathered quite a range of seeds on his walks to and from work, but sadly, a search throughout the house could not uncover them. This meant a family picnic was organised at a local park the following day to try and find more seeds. This was not as successful as we had hoped but I did make do.

All in all, it was a fun, quick and easy project and only took one night to assemble. I was very happy with the final outcome, so much so, that it inspired me to put together a montage for both my daughter and first son. I made a start on Meg's some weeks ago and am yet to complete it. It has however, found a nice, warm, cosy spot on my to-do list.

Meg's Pinky/Greeny/Nature Montage 
- to be continued (when? I don't know)

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  1. I think I would like to see these in person. I imagine that they would look even better then.