Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Pencil Rolls

A gift from my sister

For my birthday this year my sister sewed me this pencil roll.
It featured my most favourite colour (appley-limey green) and gorgeously textured fabrics topped off with a beautiful button. I love it! It got me thinking about pencil rolls a lot! (Too much, some may say.) So, I made one for my daughter straightaway.

Then, a few weeks ago a boy in my neighbourhood turned five. Resisting the urge to buy him yet another car/truck/train/loader/digger I decided to make a pencil roll especially for him. I went to my local quilting store and bought a fabric covered in brightly coloured motorbikes and whipped one up.

I gave it to him filled with watercolour pencils and a small visual arts diary. It may not have been as cool as his Ben Ten cake, but here's hoping it encourages the artist in him for years to come!

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