Sunday, June 21, 2009

Asian-Inspired Tank

Another little op-ship find was this red shirt, with an Asian-inspired print, hiding on the $1 rack at Lifeline. It was looking quite tired but I sensed there was life left in the ol' girl yet! It reminded me of this shirt (the red one) my sister sewed a few years ago. So, as I parted with my gold coin, I decided to have a go at making something a bit similar to jazz up a chesty Bonds black singlet I already had at home.

I located what I thought was the most interesting part of the design and like my sister, chopped it up to form a triptych and here it is:

Strangely, the most stand-out moment for me during this little project was that for the first time, it actually occurred to me to use a 'stretch' needle and a 'stretch' stitch. Until recently, I always sewed with whatever needle happened to be in the machine at the given time and never stepped beyond the confines of straight stitch and zigzagging - I've come a long way!

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